Greenhouse Sustainability

GrowITgreenER is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based, multi-user, Operations Management System (OMS) designed specifically to address the operating and compliance needs of a modern greenhouse or packhouse. It gives the user the ability anywhere, using any internet-capable device. to securely and simply view and control any of the users’ facility(ies) operations from Because it is cloud-based, the user does not require expensive IT hardware, software, personnel or training. All information is safely stored and regularly backed up on multiple servers to provide the best protection against hackers and loss of data. GrowITgreenER strives to make your compliance audits just another day on the farm!

GrowITgreenER has been developed as an Operations Management System and record-keeping tool. All transaction entries and edits are auditable, complete with time/date and User ID stamps.

GrowITgreenER gives the User tools to provide:
  • Efficient labour management through personnel task assignment and task
    execution records.
  • Tens to hundreds of employee profiles and training records
  • Hundreds to thousands of Equipment profiles, including equipment
    specifications, drawings, task instructions.
  • Records all crops and crop inputs on a crop-zone by crop-zone basis.
  • Records all lab analysis for water/leachate/crops.
  • Maintains a Chemical Inventory and records all additions/withdrawals
    to/from Inventory.
  • Automated Health and Food Safety Logs and compliance documentation for
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling, WO assignment and personnel
  • QA/QC reports for Incoming and Outgoing produce inspections, including
    a supplier rating system.
  • Complete database and tracking of utilities and consumables used for
    greenhouse operations

Easy Log Book – Waste Water Management

Manage water and wastewater data reqirements, with constant monitoring, inspections, and reporting. easylogbook enebles data input, collection, storage and retrieval, enabling you to view and report data for all your permits and programs.